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December 11th, 2013

Sample image The Center for Advanced Studies has never been your average Eve Online NPC starter corporation. There is a corporate culture of helping new players that seems lacking in most of the other eleven schools of Eve, and it is my hope that this site will reflect that attitude and provide a central place for the more useful of the information gathered by the members of CAS. This site will always be a work in progress, as more information is added by myself and anyone else willing to contribute their ideas and time to the endeavor.

One of the things that makes CAS unique is that many veteran players have chosen to make it their permanent home in Eve. Among those vets are some very dedicated people who spend a lot of time and energy to provide opportunities for new CAS members to expand their horizons in Eve. I have been looking for some way to make a small contribution of my own, and this site is the result of that desire. I hope it proves useful to those that visit.

The navigation menu is on the right. A good place to start would be the CAS 101 blog. Have fun in Eve, and fly safe.