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December 21st, 2012

What NPC players need to know about aggression

Concord sanctions certain aggressive actions in highsec space (1.0 - 0.5 security status), and others it punishes. It is very important for players to understand how these rules of aggression (aggro, in Eve parlance) work.

First, if you steal from someone's jetcan or wreck, they will get a 15 minute time period in which they are allowed to blow up your ship without any response from Concord. If they are in a player corporation, the rest of the members of their corporation may also join in the attack. Note, however, that the reciprocal is not true when you are in an NPC corporation such as CAS; if you have something stolen, only you get aggro on the thief, not all of your corpmates. With the Retribution update, all players get aggro on you for stealing; this is called a suspect flag.

You will see an aggression timer in the upper left of your screen when someone has aggro on you. If you have aggro on them, they will appear with either an orange or a bright red background on your overview, assuming you have not changed the overview setting for this. Many veterans have this set to blink as well, as this was the old default and we are used to that. You will often hear this type of aggro called "blinky red" for this very reason.

If a can or wreck is blue, the owner has abandoned it, and you may remove items without causing aggro.

If someone steals from you, and you see him with the orange background, you may fire upon him. At this point, he now has aggro on you, and may return fire without interference from Concord. You may want to think twice before engaging him, and consider that he is likely in a ship designed to fight players (PvP), while you likely are not. Very often, it was his sole intention to provoke an aggressive response from you; he wants your killmail, not your loot.

You may also get aggro if you break a Concord rule in highsec and become a global criminal. In this case, Concord and everyone else has aggro on you, and Concord will blow up any ship it finds you in for the duration of the 15 minutes. Some of the things that cause this are firing on or using aggressive modules on a player's ship, a Concord ship, a gate, a station, or many other items. If you have not disabled warnings, you will be told before you commit such an act, so you have time to reconsider.

For a more detailed discussion of aggro, try Criminal Flagging System - EVElopedia.