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CPVEF: Frigate Fleet Fittings

February 19th, 2016

The author of this page is Ja'e Ambraelle.

This is the official complete package of all the frigates and destroyers you can fly with the Frigate Fleet, as well as the rules you should follow if you're not using one of the listed fits.

Fitting Rules

The frigate fleet is an armor tanked fleet with frigate armor logistic support. Most frigates and destroyers are welcomed, as well as electronic warfare capable ships. However, ECM capable ships, and Caldari ships in general, are usually frowned upon, because they have trouble fitting the doctrine (few low slots, low armor hp).

If you would like to make your own fit, keep mind this simple set of rules :

  • Always fit at least a 100mm Armor Plate with at least one Trimark Rig, a Damage Control, and some kind of armor resistance (Energized Adaptative Nano Membrane or Adaptive Nano Plating). You want to have omni resistances; try your best.
  • A Micro Warp Drive is mandatory on every ship in the fleet (Logistics included).
  • Some kind of tackle: a Warp Disruptor or a Warp Scrambler. Exceptions can be made for Electronic Warfare ships.
  • Any kind of weapon system is fine, but have at least one. You want to be useful during both PvE and PvP.

General Notes

These fits are recommendations; they can be improved upon. Do your best to tweak them so they fit your current skills as best as possible. The same goes for some "expensive" modules; downgrade or upgrade where you see fit. Don't bling them up too much, since we won't reimburse you for your 1B faction frigate with deadspace modules. Most of the T1/meta fits will be available as ship replacements if you end up losing your ship, so if you're a new player, don't worry too much about the ISK.

If you plan on flying something other than the T1/meta fits, consider shipping some replacements of your own to the high-sec staging system.

Fits list:


Logistic Frigates:

Faction Frigates:

Pirate Frigates:


Assault Frigates:

Electronic Attack Frigates:

Stealth Bombers:


Tactical Destroyers:


Command Destroyers: