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Eve is real?

The Center for Advanced Studies - Eve is real?

April 9th, 2014

Eve is real, a parallel from real life

We are all aware that CCP considers Eve to be a persistent, real place. Now let's explore a real life scenario to see if we agree.

Mr. Character has decided to enter a driving school to learn high performance driving. His intent is to become proficient in road racing, to someday drive at Le Mans. He trains diligently for more than a year, and feels he is ready to try a high performance car, finally. He purchases a very expensive Lamborghini, and begins driving it every day on a challenging track near his home.

He decides after some time passes that he has become used to racing this elegant machine at high speeds on twisting tracks, and begins to enter races with it. He is quite successful in these races, and really enjoys the car and the racing style at which it exceeds. He is happy.

Then, one day, he awakes to a clatter in his garage. He runs out, only to see the back end of a car transporter with CCP emblazoned on it already a block down the street. Fearing the worst, he runs to the garage. He finds his beloved Lamborghini gone, and in its place a garish red Mustang GT with 'Lamborghini' scratched into the paint of the hood. A note left under the wiper reads simply 'Enjoy drag racing'.

Of course, this being the real world, he calls the police and reports his stolen Lamborghini and that a CCP truck apparently was involved.

Who do we call to get our Gilas back?

If Eve is real, then reality is a very whimsical, arbitrary place.